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Office Window Frosting Information

Window Frosting FAQs

How long does the window frosting last?

We use Premium Quality window frosting with a manufacturer's life expectancy of a minimum 5 years.

We guarantee Frosting material against lifting or cracking for 2 years in normal conditions

Can it be used for Internal or External?

Depending on your needs we can install window frosting for external or internal use.

What surfaces can frosting be applied to?

Any glass surface can have frosting applied to it. Curved surfaces may be difficult to apply frosting to.

What are the main uses of window frosting?

Window frosting can provide additional privacy and security when used at offices and homes. Window frosting is also used for decoration on glass screens and windows.

What is the main difference between Window Frosting & Window Tinting?

Window Frosting is a film applied to windows. It has minimal Ultraviolet protection, while allowing all natural ambient light to shine through.

It used primarily for 100% privacy, screening and security in the workplace and in the home environment. Read more about window frosting here.

Window Tinting is a film applied to windows, which provides up to 99% protection against harmful ultraviolet and solar rays. It improves the security shatter-resistance of the windows and reduces direct sunlight.

Where can window frosting be installed?

Our experienced office window frosting specialists can provide window privacy film for application inside and outside. Our window frosting is suitable for most commercial and residential properties in Brisbane. We can supply and install window frosting at:

  • Restaurants, takeaway shops and cafes
  • Retail outlets
  • Medical centres
  • Accounting firms
  • Marketing and advertising agencies
  • Banks
  • Schools
  • Post offices
  • Government buildings
  • Holiday apartments
  • Homes
  • Petrol stations
  • Many other properties


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